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That Special Day

Every now and then;
I like to sit and think;
About the life we are living;
Now that we have exchanged rings;
Our lives has changed so much;
Since that very special day;
You are mine forever now;
No one can take you away;
I am so happy;
That we will always be together;
I wont to live our lives as one forever;
Then one day we will watch our kids;
As they walk down that aisle of love;
And they'll be with that special person;
That they've always dreamed of;
We'll look back to when it was us;
And think about how great our lives have been;
Because we chose each other;
On that very special day.

Tamatha Perkins Guthrie





This Page  was created by Sassy
Especially for Elise & David For their Anniversary
From the Country Cabin Gang
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